Superkids is a comprehensive, phonics-based reading program that explicitly and systematically teaches children how to become fluent, automatic readers. The strength of Superkids’ instruction in automaticity and fluency provides the essential foundation children need for comprehension, building confident readers able to focus on the meaning of complex texts. As children develop automaticity and fluency in word recognition, Superkids instruction also teaches the comprehension skills appropriate to each stage of their development as readers.

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Mystery Science - Kindergarten - 5th Grades

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Kindergarten - 8th Grades

Sacred Heart Catholic School is excited to introduce a new English Language Arts Curriculum for

Grades 3rd - 8th, HMH Intro Literature.  

HMH Intro Literature offers rich content, personalized learning, and standards-based instruction - all within one seamless experience.  The new curriculum also offers Writable, an online writing program that will make learning to write fun and personalized.


Our Kindergarten students read by Christmas; that's how seriously we take reading. All classes spend lots of time learning not only to decode the words, but to analyze text to find meaning.


All grades study science, some daily, some on a different schedule, but all grades learn about the wonders of the universe from a scientific standpoint as a complement to our Religious training.


Our teachers have been trained in the Step Up to Writing program, which teaches children to write in an organized, logical and fun way.


Religion is a daily class in all grades, K through 8. Students learn about their faith and about the history of the church and its saints. Special attention is given to the Vincentian saints.


Our students have consistently scored very well on standardized tests. Our teachers use a variety of tried, tested and new methods to make math accessible to all.

Social Studies

Whether it's communities around us, or the mysteries of the Ancient world, all classes learn about history, geography, and how people have interacted with their environments to create our world.


Each grade has two periods of Spanish weekly. Some students are able to test in to Spanish 2 when they go to high school.


Our students compete in the Stockton Diocese's CYO Sports program. They run cross country, play golf, basketball and baseball/softball. Go, Spartans!


All grades have the enrichment of a 45 minute art class with a specials teacher each week.