We serve students in Preschool through Grade 8, with a comprehensive, rigorous academic program in all curricular areas along with a strong Catholic setting and instruction in Catholic tradition.

Students, teachers and parents alike contribute to developing and maintaining our strong sense of community. There are many opportunities for students to experience and develop their faith during the school day, including but not limited to daily morning prayer, daily Religion classes with sacramental preparation, monthly First Friday Mass and celebrations of the holy days of obligation and feast days. Parents are our partners in faith development and serve as the first teachers.

Parents are also an integral factor in the success of the school and devote much time and energy to fund development and community building activities.

At the core of Sacred Heart Catholic School is a staff made up of people who truly care about the students, who are dedicated teachers, and who are strong role models.

Our History

1961                             Sacred Heart School was built.

FALL 1962                  First opened its doors. Staffed by the Dominican Sisters of San Jose.

1972                            After ten years of operation and an enrollment of 193 students in grades 1 through 8, it closed.

MARCH 1982            A group of dedicated parents, recognizing the need for a Catholic education and family involvement                                       in the educational process of their children, started looking into the re-opening of Sacred Heart                                              School. After much study and surveying of the area's population, it was decided that Sacred Heart                                          School had the necessary support to re-open and provide a quality education for their children.

JANUARY 1983        Re-opening formally announced.

SEPTEMBER 1983 After eight months and a lot of effort, Sacred Heart School re-opened on September 6, 1983. The year                                     began with 21 students and two teachers, kindergarten through fourth grades.

1997                          The name of Sacred Heart School was officially changed to Sacred Heart Catholic School. The                                                  school's new name more accurately identifies the school and its mission.

TODAY                     Sacred Heart Catholic School has grown to a population of 160 students, nine teachers and grades K                                     through eight. Parents and parish participation have been and continue to be one of the major factors                                    in the success of our school. Our motto is "Seeds Sown in Good Soil Grow; Grow with Us".