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Complete and submit ALL forms in the enrollment folders . You will be contacted soon for additional documents needed.


Kindergarten Admissions

All students entering Sacred Heart Catholic School at the Kindergarten level children must be 5 years old by September 1 .

Transfer Admissions

For students transferring to Sacred Heart Catholic School from any public or private school, in addition to providing baptismal and immunization records, the following steps must be taken before enrollment will be offered:


  1. Parents of student(s) seeking admission to grade first and second must provide copies of the most current report cards. Along with the current report cards, parents of students for grades third through eighth must provide a copy of most recent standardized test scores.

  2. Parents of all transferring students must meet with the principal to discuss policy and procedure.

  3. Students in grades sixth through eighth must meet with the principalto discuss the transition, and expectations at Sacred Heart Catholic School.

  4. At the discretion of the principal, students transferring to Sacred Heart Catholic School may be placed on academic or behavioral probation.

  5. As the governing bodies of the school, the Pastor and Principal have the final decision on all admissions.

Order of Priority

The following is the order of priority for all new and continuing admissions:


  1. Siblings of students currently enrolled in Sacred Heart Catholic School.

  2. Children of parents from Sacred Heart Catholic Parish who are noteworthy, because of their attendance at Mass, the Sacraments, Christian leadership, Parish participation and support, these being ascertained by the Pastor.

  3. Those students who have attended Sacred Heart Catholic Preschool and whose parents are in good standing.

  4. Children who have been in attendance at another Catholic school, the family having recently moved into the Parish, and who have been noteworthy in those matters mentioned above, these being ascertained by personal contact on the part of the Pastor with the Pastor of the parish from which they came.

  5. The Children of parents who live in another Parish and in which they are noteworthy in those matters mentioned above, these being ascertained by personal contact on the part of the Pastor with their proper Pastor.

  6. The children of non-Catholic parents who attend their own church and who exercise Christian leadership, to be ascertained by the Pastor.

  7. All others.

Continuance Policy

A student shall be eligible for continued admission to the school if s/he:

  1. Follows the behavior standards of the school.

  2. Maintains regular attendance.

  3. Reflects effort & motivation to achieve academic progress suitable to his/her capacity and grade level.

  4. Reflects maturity in social behavior appropriate to his or her age.

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